Kato GP-9 vs Atlas GP-7 (N) which is more accurate?

I just noticed this the other day.
When I put an original N-scale Kato GP9 (circa 1990) alongside a newer
Atlas GP7, the GP9 measures 2 ft longer. Most of the difference is in
the long hood, but the short hood is slightly longer as well.
I was under the impression both locomotives used the same frame and body
parts. Is this an actual difference in the prototype, or is one of these
models inaccurate? If so, which one?
Mac B.
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polar bear
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The original Kato geep body was built to fit on their earlier RS-3 mechanism, and consequently the body is "stretched". There are also many other differences between that early model and the later/current Atlas model.
Incidentally, the Atlas model runs better if you remove one of the bearing blocks from each gear shaft - the one closest to the flywheel.
Regards, Ron
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Aha! I was aware of the cheat, and how it shortened the wheelbase, but I didn't realize it affected the shell as well.
Thanks Ron, I'll try that.
Mac B.
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polar bear

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