Re: Walther's Background Building (Shop Building No.1)

"Chris Curren" (part #933-3040); and it (the background building) could also be used as a
factory. If so, can the full size Car Shop it's based on be "converted" to a
> factory? To be a little more specific: is there a way to not have all three
> engine doors be on the one end (are the holes precut? can windows be put
> there instead?), and what types of doors are on the opposite end?
We did a piece on the background version. Check this URL for more info:
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Yes, the car shop could be converted to a factory, warehouse, whatever, but
you'll have to come up with the windows, trim, etc. The car doors fit into
precut holes in the wall sections, and they are of the coil type.
Frank Eva
Digital Railroader
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