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I have a ~3 x 6 foot oval of RealTrax. There seems to be a power spike on
one side of the power terminal that extends to the other end of the oval and
then ends. In other words, when left at the same power from the
transformer, the train will at two different speeds depending on where it is
on the oval. Does anyone know the cause of this and what I can do about it?
Is the terminal defective? Or is there a problem in the way the tracks are
connecting to each other? And if so, where is the problem likely to be?
Thanks for any help.
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Derek Homsberg
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You need to have another power terminal at the opposite side where the train slows down. Make sure that the wire to the center rail goes to the center rail at the opposite side.
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Frank Rosenbaum
If the train slows gently to a minimum opposite your power terminal and then gradually speeds up again you need to do as Frank suggests. If, on the other hand, the train slows suddenly at a particular spot and speeds up similarly at another spot then you most likely have poor contact in the rail joints at those places, check them out and maybe rearrange the pieces to see if you can establish what the problem is. Probably just rail joiners need tightening up with pliers. Keith
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