Restoring old Lionel trains

Hello..I hope everyone is doing well today...To make a long story
short..My mother would would have been 85 this year passed away last
fall and one of the items she left me was an old set of Lionel trains
she got for her birthday when she was 8 years old in 1931..It is a
Lionel #254 engine in dark green and the 3 cars that go with it..2
Pullman passenger cars and a Pullman observation car..I also have all
the track and transformer...The trains are in overall good shape (No
missing pieces, dents, heavy scrapes or damage) although the paint is
scraped off in spots from them just being stored together in the same
box for 70 years..The wiring is complete but looks pretty brittle and
dried up..I seem to recall these trains running when I was a kid
myself which would have been in the early-mid-60`s...I've seen a few
sets on Ebay and they don`t seem to be really high dollar value so I
am curious about what all is involved in re-conditioning something
like this to a newer looking but as close to original state as
possible?...I`ve seen "restored" engines and cars on Ebay so I know
people do it..Are there people who specialize in this?..I would more
want to restore them as a keep sake from my mom than to turn around
and resell them..Any info is greatly appreciated.
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