Results of this weeks caption competition and Cliff, Richard competition

The 'winning' entry for last weeks caption competition is now on my
fotopic site at
formatting link

Many thanks for all those who entered. Cliff and I had a good laugh at
them all, even though we couldn't print then all.
Runner up entries were
"If I stand here and smile, maybe nobody will notice my hand's stuck."
"I use brillcream to make the lichen stick"
This weeks competition is for the Cliff, Richard photo at
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I've put my caption there but I'm sure you can do better.
You have one week.
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Mike Hughes
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"Having stated that the Great Western Railway may not have been perfect, Cliff and Richard are sent to the Naughty Corner to think about what they have done."
Cheers Richard
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In message , beamendsltd writes
LOL That's a lot nearer to the truth than you may realise!
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Mike Hughes
In message , Mike Hughes writes
Mike, are you sure this is what you meant to say?
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In message , Graeme writes
That's one hell of a typo to make - no corrected thanks for letting me know. (for those who are wondering I'd typed i instead of u in sh*tter)
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Mike Hughes

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