RR Trains 2000 -- MS Windows Freeware

I've just released RR Trains 2000 on my web site. RR Trains 2000 is a small
MS Windows freeware program useful for cataloging a model railroading
collection of locomotives and rolling stock.
RR Trains 2000 will run on MS Windows 2000 and XP systems as well as earlier
ME and 9x/NT releases. A 16-bit Windows 3.x release is not available.
Visit my web site and go directly to the RR Trains 2000 program description
page at:
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or click your mouse on the hyperlink below to download the ZIP archive
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RR Trains 2000 is distributed as freeware. You may copy and distribute the
program as long as all copyright notices remain intact, and the application
files are not modified in any way.
Best regards from Milwaukee, WI U.S.A.
Gregory Braun
E-Mail: snipped-for-privacy@GregoryBraun.com
Web Site:
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Slot Cars:
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Gregory Braun -- HO Slot Car Racing
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Just downloaded and it looks very cool! Now to populate it with data...
"Gregory Braun -- HO Slot Car Racing" wrote in message news: snipped-for-privacy@corp.supernews.com...
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Gary W. McIntyre
Hello, I`ve just downloaded a copy, looking forward to trying it out, Thank you very much. John .
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John Richards

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