Running HON3 on HO track

Which code track looks best when running HOn3 stock? I am considering going the hand laying route with Hon3. Which means I will be liquidating most of my HO stuff.

-JOhn C

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John C
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"John C"

Another question like "How long is a piece of string?"

Probably the smallest you can buy, like code 40 for some of the American stuff.

However, what HOn3? If it were South African or Australian then perhaps code 83 might be better. Supposing you were modelling the CNR narrow gauge in Newfoundland. Pre diesel, code 40 may be OK but what about in the 1960s

70s or 80s up until it closed? Code 70, or perhaps code 83? And what about sidings, spurs, yard tracks? Code 40 or code 70?

Not a simple question and lots of answers.

-- Cheers

Roger T.

Home of the Great Eastern Railway

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Roger T.

John, You probably will want to use code 40, 55, or 70 as there are also commercial track products for HOn3 in each of these codes. Code 40 will probably be the most realistic but once the rail is weathered and ballasted

55 and 70 look good too. What prototype are you going to model? Bruce

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Bruce Favinger

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