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Group, I've just finished painting a diesel with Weaver Scale Coat gloss black. I bought a can of Scale Coat clear flat to overspray after aplying the decals. I tested the flat on a boxcar and found it to be too flat for my taste. Does anybody make a satin clear finish? The only things I see in train stores are flat and gloss. S/V Express 30 "Ringmaster" "No shirt, no skirt, full service"

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Here's the full text of a message posted yesterday under the subject "DullCote Substitute":

Every so often, I have inquiree about a substitute for DullCote. It works well, but the small cans will eat your wallet alive if you need a lot of it.

Well, a week ago, I was at the local Hobby Lobby (no, I don't work there or even own stock) and they had a product that was from Crafts Etc. It was clear acrylic spray and was available in both the Matte and Glossy finishes.

I tried a can of the Matte. In the past, similar Matte products have still been pretty glossy; this one wasn't. It left just a faint sheen... maybe only about 20% of glossy. Anyway, I used it to seal some decals that I put on a prepainted Athearn reefer and it seems to work really well.

Now for the best news... an 11 oz. can of this stuff costs $4.47 per can... that's not a whole lot more than the cost of one of those small cans of DullCote.

As always, I'd suggest that you try it on a scrap piece of whatever with whatever kind of paint you are going to use, but my first experience with it has been very good.


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Look up the thread; there were other suggestions as well.

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Brian Paul Ehni

Since Dulcote is a lacquer, years ago I invested in a quart of gloss and flat furniture lacquer from regular paint store. I mix them to get desire satin I like.

You might just add a little Scalecoat gloss to the flat ...

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Thanks. S/V Express 30 "Ringmaster" "No shirt, no skirt, full service"

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