Saving Old Walthers Catalogs

Here's something I've begun many of you save "expired" Walthers catalogs for their "Magic of Model Railroading" photography?

A few years ago, while doing some cleaning, I tied up some old Walthers catalogs and put them out for recycling. However, it would have been nice to have at least cut out the "Magic" section for images to inspire and admire. As my own switching layout remains to be built, such imagery would help to keep my interest up and my juices flowing.

Any thoughts?

Dieter Zakas

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Dieter Zakas
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I have 20 years worth of Walther catalogs - from 2002 back. These contain my own photos used in their "Magic: pages. They sent me a free catalog each time I had photos used.

I cut back somewhat on modeling in the past few years, and as a result also cut back on photography of my models. Now that I've switched to digital, looks like I may try to send them some again. I've never bought one of the catalogs - they are $25.00 or more here in Canada. I use their web site instead. It was fun while it lasted!

Bob Boudreau Canada

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While not every year, I do have Walthers catalogs downstairs dating as far back as 1959. However, since the advent of their website, I find I haven't actually purchased a paper catalog since 1992!

One of the things I checked for every year in the 80's were the latest "Fundy Northern" photos.



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