Shaping Passenger Side Skirts

I have the sides from the Santa Fe society for the Pullman 44-seat coach.
This has the full length skirts, plus, of course, the skirts under the door
and other end. The sides are flat -- unlike previous sides I have gotten the
curve in the skirt was not pre-made.
I'd really appreciate any possible advice on...
- How to form the curve without marring the outside of the side
- Making the curve reasonably even and unkinked.
- I assume I need to roll it around something round (like a large drill bit
or brass rod) but how exactly to accomplish this is the question.
- What diameter should this rod be?
- Should I heat it in some manner, either before or during the rolling, to
soften the material?
- Where there is a grill covering an air vent or intake(I think this is AC
blower), is this also curved or flat, and if flat, how does it relate to the
Thanks for your help
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I'd do a roll of the whole side at one time. Clamp the edge between a round bar and some flat stock that is hinged where the round bar is and roll it up. Practice on some scrap stock so that you can do the job easily without any problems first and if you have troubles, figure out what is happening worng and fix it. I don't know what the grills would be like, you'd have to look at some prototype photos of the cars you are working on to figure that one out but I'd suspect that they are curved to match the rest of the skirt. Good luck!
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