Due to upcoming business travel, I am wondering if there are worthwhile
prototype (preferably narrow gauge and/or steam) sights to see or hobby
shops to visit around Madrid, Spain, or Andalucia. Any suggestions on
railroad-related (or sightseeing) topics greatly appreciated!
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Rick Stern
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May wish to try misc.transport.rail.europe for a comprehensive answer....
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There are some narrow gauge trains in Spain, quite a large network, but most is in the northern part of Spain, roughly from the French border along the north coast to the west coast, some express trains too( there's one that takes eight days from east to west..! ) I recall travelling along these lines in the seventies, looked ( and feeled ) like 'backwoods railroading'. Extremely attractive and fun to experience. Probably modernized by now. here are some links for you to explore:
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key words you might use in Google : "Ferrocarriles Vascongados" and "FEVE"
Have fun..
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