Stripping and the same time!

Well, I have three steam engines... 2 IHC and one Riva... that needed to have
the lettering removed from
the tenders. I tried a couple of things, and figured ouf that I was going to
have to give them a
soaking in rubbing alcohol. "Oh well," I thought, "I will have to repaint them,
I guess."
Got them out today... While I may still have to repaint the IHC tenders, I
noticed something with the
Riva one. The lettering had come off, all right, and the paint had started to.
As I rubbed off the
areas that the lettering was on, I noticed a grimy black, dusty filth coming off
onto the cloth. At
first I thought "Dang, the paint is coming off."
However, something in the back of my mind... grimy filth, steam tender, black...
grimy filth, steam
tender, black...
Then it hit me... what I was holding was a pretty good looking, weathered, steam
I guess I will hit it with some dullcoat to seal it on, and the letter it. I
had to clean the areas to
be lettered (with dry transfers), so I will have to put a little grimy black on
them after (or make up a
story as to why those parts are clean ;-) ), but I don't think I could have done
a better job of
weathering that tender!!!
Every once in a while, I "idiot" my way into something good. ;-)
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