The SouthErneR V48#2.5 is now online, 66 pages plus 125 photos ....

The SER's webmaster, Mike Broadway, has posted my next online issue of 'The SouthErneR' on the SER's website (see below).

Paul Voelker SER Editor


The Spring issue of the E-SouthErneR is now on-line at the SER website at

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. This issue has 66 pages and 125 photos.

Check out the following articles:

The Kennesaw Civil War & Locomotive museum (down the road from Cartersville),

And the hobby shop across the tracks from the museum,

An update on Mike Devaney's Giant Mushroom N-scale C&O railroad (delayed from last issue so as not to conflict with Dudley's C&O layout photos),

A short article on a "hill brake" that keeps cars from rolling downhill when in a siding or on the mainline,

Last minute updates on the Cartersville convention, clinic descriptions and schedules,

Plus Contest rules, entry & judging forms,

And all the articles from the printed & mailed version!

Thanks Paul for another great E-SouthErneR!

Mike Broadway

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That's an enormous piece of work! Outstanding. Thanks for sharing.

Bill Bill's Railroad Empire N Scale Model Railroad:

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History of N Scale:
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Railroad Books, Toys, and Trains:
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to 1,200 sites:
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