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Hi all,

Does anyone own an HO Trix Big Boy? I was just wondering on the performance. I have 3 Rivarossi ones, but I know the Trix's are well detailed. There is one here at the local hobby shop for $549.00. That's a chunk of change for 1 engine. The 3 I have run fine and need regular maintenance, such as lubrication, traction tires and wheel cleaning from time to time, but generally run well. Any advice or opions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Shawn Miller

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Shawn, Call the hobby shop immediately and tell them you'll take it. Then hop in your car and get there ASAP. Don't worry about going through traffic lights or speeding. If the arresting officer knows anything about model railroading ...not only will you not get a citation, but he'll probably escort you to the hobby shop. I'm a brass collector, operator, and dealer, but this thing is probably the finest HO locomotive ever. I do have one from the first run, and it goes where no brass has gone before......and with a mess of cars in tow. Good luck............I believe the new run will soon be gone also. HZ

-- Howard Zane

5236 Thunderhill Road Columbia, MD 21045

performance. I

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Howard Zane

There is a new one out. The original Trix BB was 4013, the new one is 4015.

The major difference is that the new one comes dcc equipped, the old one doesn't.

Odd behavior in the new one running in analog mode. It runs reverse of all the other loco's, so since I'm not running DCC I can't double-head the two of them that I own (4015, and 4013) I'm not too pleased about that. It does have sound in DCC mode, so if I ever decide to take the plunge it will be more useful to me. Would have much rather had them not do this to the new one, makes me almost regret paying over $600 for it, as the upped the price to skin you for the decoder too.


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Alan W. Dye

The finest HO locomotive ever?

If your definition of "fine" is drawbar pull, then just say that. But this model (and all of the Trix models) fails to meet any definition of "finest" I am familiar with.


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Achmed Ptooey

They are batch produced. You will probably find each batch has variations, like different numbers, detail changes or variations to mechanical specs

The changes will be less for modellers benefit and more to make each run unique/collectable in the current German marketing manner. :-(

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Gregory Procter

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Jon Miller

I was wondering if this model can be called the "finest ever"

The drivers are 4 scale inches under size. The cab windows don't look quiet right. Some of the boiler details seems a little shallow and simplified. If they correct those problems, I would be thinking about buying.

I personally think the finest HO big boy might be a Key classic or Overland. Although those are even more expensive.

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Chen Xu

Got a Key AC-9 on hand from the 1997/98 run? I'll swap you a Trix Big Boy for it.

Actually I'm not that picky, I'll drum up a Trix Big Boy and swap it for any recent run Key or Overland SP AC class. No PSC....

Andy :-)


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Andy Harman

For the $$ though, compared to brass? A brass Big Boy is about $2000?

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