Any one out there bought one yet???? I know they are awesome with more detail. I have 3 Rivarossi one's, but the TRIX'S are the real deal. But it is a chunk of change. When tax time comes around, I might have to get one.....along with a new 442 hood for the Olds!!!!


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I have a Tric Big Boy, with sound. It is a well-done model, runs so smoothly that there's really nocomparison to any other model. The sound is effective, deep and clear tones. THe only complains I have are the price--high--and the relative delicacy of the model. It is nearly impossible to pick up the model without breaking a pipe or knocking something loose. Caution is important. Otherwise, it's terrifc

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Please send me more info thanks

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Have you looked at their website? There are photos and descriptions there.

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