Hi all,

Has anyone got the TRIX BIG BOY? I hear they run fantastic. There is one at the local hobby store here (4013) and the price has been reduced again to $489.00. I think this is a decent price, but that's still a chunk of change. I was just wondering anyone else's opinon on them.

HMMMM..........Do I get the brakes on my car fixed or buy the TRIX????!!!!! Hopefully it'll still be there come income tax time, since it's been there for several months, and maybe the price will go a few bucks lower. Happy railroading!!

Shawn Miller

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You can always slow your car down by changing to a lower gear, and or finding a gentle hill to go up. Not much of a question really!!

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Or you can quote W.O. Bentley, who, when defending his 1920's race cars against the accusation that the brakes were poor replied "Sir, I build my cars to go, not stop".

Relearn your spending priorities:

  1. Food for children (grudgingly)
  2. Second dress for wife (shows her you're all heart)
  3. Trains (new model purchases)
  4. Trains (control systems that are +3 weeks obsolete)
  5. Trains (layout improvements)
  6. Rent/mortgage, car, other luxuries..

If you properly plan your finances, you can't go very wrong.


Steve Newcastle NSW Aust

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Steve Magee


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Mark Mathu


The correct jingle is:

"We're happy little Vegemites as bright as bright can be We all enjoy our Vegemite for breakfast, lunch and tea Our mummy's say we're growing stonger every single week Because we love our Vegemite, we all enjoy our Vegemite It put's a rose in every cheek!"

And if you think I will type up the lyrics to the Aeroplane Jelly commercial - another Aussie food icon - you are very sadly mistaken! :)

How did we get another thread with MedgieVite in it??

Steve Newcastle Oz

(And we love football, meat pies, Kangaroos and Holden cars, Football, meat pies, Kangaroos and Holden cars They go together, underneath the Southern stars Football and meat pies, Kangaroos and Holden cars)

That last ditty is free and gratis..

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Steve Magee

"Gratis" is Latin for "free," i.e., "1. Without requiring payment. 2. Free of charge."

Sorta like having "boredom and ennui" set in, like I once saw in a post.

I jumped in and provided the translation. (Five years of French HAVE to count for something, ya know.)

Dieter Zakas Ennui, NJ

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Bugatti said that Bentley built the fastest trucks in the World.

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Gregory Procter

Would you like me to start my next sentence "In my opinion, I think...."

I realise it was tautology rampant, but it has become part of the patois, and is freely (and gratisly) used. :-) English (the language, not the people) is an evolving language which takes what was once a no-no and makes it part of daily use - using nouns as verbs, commencing sentences with conjunctions or ending them with prepositions, for example. And with no equivalent of Academe Francais* to tell us it's wrong, desist immediately.

And apart from remembering how to conjugate the Latin verb "amo". I have forgotten everything that three years of Latin taught me. Ah, well, no great loss..

  • - sorry, to lazy to find my list of High ASCII characters for graves, acutes, cidillas, etc)

Steve Newcastle-on-paradise Aust

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Steve Magee

I know. Mine is the abbreviated North American version for the "Hurry-up" crowd. You know, the mob that plays their stress-relief videos on fast forward.

Not that difficult mate. I just type the word " Vegemite" in the header and we're off and running...........

You've seen what happens on the "other" newsgroup, no?

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That's what happens to me every time I go out to "watch trains" with my railfan pals.


Yawn, GA.

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I've seen what happens on the "other" group, yes.

It's even happened on the On30 conspiracy on Yahoo. Insidious stuff, Vegemite. But, hey, it's been a very welcome 18 deg with rain today, lovely day for train shed work, so all was not lost. And I even had Vege on toast for lunch.. :)


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Steve Magee

Oh, and sadness to report on the 427 ci Holden (Monaro). It got canned. HSV reckoned they could not build it for less than $200K US!!! Pop goes one daydream....

....to be replaced by another. Holden now offers all-wheel drive in their wagon, the Adventra. With LS1 power and a variation on the Hummer's AWD system, it is practically bullet proof and I may yet weaken. But my eldest son is looking at one as his next car when he returns from Europe/US (attending Microsoft workshops), so I might "test drive" his, first. Just on the basis of an impartial assessment, of course. :)


PS - You remember that MP3 song I sent you "Indian Pacific" by Slim Dusty? Slim died last week - received a state funeral, thousands of mourners outside the church. I was a little sad myself.

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Steve Magee

=>> Noit surprising, seeing as how Roco makes the Walthers track. :-) =>

=>What gives? =>

=>Walthers code 83 is manufactured by Shinohara, correct? The underside of the =>ties on my Walthers Code 83 track is stamped "Made in Japan." The only Roco =>only factory is in Austria and I'm not aware of a relationship between =>Reynaulds's Euro Imports (Roco's parent company) and Shinohara.

Ok. I goofed. IIRC, Roco did make cxode 83 for Walthers at one time. But don't trust my memory - I don't. :-)

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Wolf Kirchmeir

Agreed, $35 will do a nice brake job on my toyota pickup, takes me about an hour. If you don't know how to do it to your car, get a chilton's manual for $15 over at borders.

And I own two of those trix bigboys, 4013, and 4015. I love them, they're unparalleled. 4013 (the non-dcc model) is my favorite and that is a good price.


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Alan W. Dye

Marmite is a lot better in my opinion!

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I believe Roco makes the code 83 track for Atlas..........but then again I never tried teaching a pig to dance Peter from Downunder

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Wheels , Sep 03 - state the 427 Monaro has been canned .... for now

Cheers Alex...


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Alex Nadalini

If you don't pay #6 up front you'll have to switch to "garden" railroading. ;-) Gene Thommen Bedford, VA.

"The poorest of all men is not the man without a cent but the man without a dream."

To reply via E-mail, pry the "cap" off the address.

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But neither are peanut butter any more than the crap Coca-Cola and others sell as "juice drinks" (Fruitopia, for egregiously bad example) are juice.

Add a lot of sugar, salt, emulsifiers and preservatives to what was a great basic product.

The ingredient list on the peanut butter in our cupboard reads "peanuts".

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Steve Caple

"> > Marmite is a lot better in my opinion!

Not according to this Web Page. Vegimite is weaker and is different

formatting link

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