turnouts? is there life beyond atlas or do it yourself?

actually, I do know of the brands listed in walthers, but a recent threadconcerning tortise machines indicated that there are other manufacturersout there. I've been replacing burned out atlas two solenoids with tortise, but I still have the problem of my little switchers stalling out when they traverse the frog of the Atlas #4 and #6 turnouts at slow speed.

So, what are the better brands available?

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larry l.
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So use the contacts on the tortoise to switch power to the frog. Keith Make friends in the hobby. Visit Garratt photos for the big steam lovers.

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Keith Norgrove

Peco turnouts are better than the Atlas junk. Personally, I prefer to lay my own from plain rail. Turnouts look and work a lot better than any of the crud that is made in the way of plastic tie turnouts as the gauge is set right so that it all works. Sometimes I forget to put the guard rails on and never notice for a while until looking at the turnout sees the missing component. The guard rails are the last thing I do and, as it is the tail end of the assembly, sometimes I get called away and forget that that job still needs to be done.

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Bob May

Peco electrofrog.

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Terry Flynn

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