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Hi folks,

I too am looking at a two level layout. Since moving into our new home, my HO train hobby is to be located in the third stall of a three car garage. I will wall it off and add HVAC to the room.

I am looking for some guidance on layout heights and access from those on this list who have actually done this.

In particular, what clearance did you leave between the bottom of the lower level and the floor for maintenance access? Also, what clearance do you have between the bottom of the top level and the top of the lower level? Would you recommend what you have or would you change it if you had it to do over again?

There has been a lot of discussion on valences and lighting but I would appreciate any new info on lighting the lower level of track.

I intend to use a helix to change levels and to double as an in-line staging track.

For what it is worth, I am 6'2" and 52 years old. I also have an 8 year old daughter who is mildly interested so I would like to keep the lower track at her viewing level.


Allen Cain

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Allen Cain
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Allen - you need to re think your priorities - your plans are backwards.

1st off, the two stall area is where you want your layout. Wall off the 3rd stall and use it for the family car. You deserve the full width of the double garage. Just install a larger HVAC unit. You will be just fine.

And as for the different levels, run the second level of the layout high enough and go through the wall above the family car in the third stall. Just be careful of the automatic garage door opener. Start a gradual climb from your first level, at the farthest corner of the double garage. By the time you reach the correct height to get through the wall and over the car, you will not need the helix if your circle back to your second level. Enjoy and keep us posted. Good luck with this new plan. We will all write the family to support you if necessary. I only have 1/2 of a double garage and no HVAC. But my workshop is in the other

1/2 and I get more space as time goes buy. The car has never been in the garage....

Jim Spano, Sacramento, Ca.

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