Union Pacific Ballest Train questions

I just resently purchased a Roundhouse Models Company UP Ballast Hopper the Car has NO Road Number and most of the ppl @ Nor Cal UP know VERY LITTLE About The Ballast Hopper Fleet

  1. Would like to know what kind of power Might be used in this manner of Servise?
  2. What are the Roadnumbers for the ballast fleet? and did they have Road Numbers on the side

I'M modeling the Kentucky Dam Aera in HO (tracks are owned by the Paducah & Louisville Ry.) the plan is for a 10'x 9' around the wall layout and the main town is Calvert City It will have both the Calvert City Terminal and the Volcan Interprizes transfer fasality Ballast is transfered from barge to train @ the CCT.:-)

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All railroad cars have a number or, in the case of passenger cars, a name. MOW equipment often had a unique series of numbers that, on some railroads, ware just assigned irrevelant of the actual car itself. If the car really doesn't have a number, check the UP roster for car numbers associated with ballast hoppers and put the numbers on the car with decals or rub-ons. I do find it interesting that that car doesn't have any road number on it.

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