Wobbling Lionmaster

We just got a Lionel Lionmaster J3A Hudson 4-6-4, produced in 2003 but in factory condition. It looks and runs great, except for one thing: as it's moving, especially at higher speeds, the engine body rocks up and down on the sides, sort of a wobbling motion. The distance it wobbles isn't that much, maybe 3/8".

Is this normal? The engine is noticably narrower than other Lionel engines we've had, does this have anything to do with it? Could the engine mount or drive assembly be misaligned?


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Synchronized with the rotation of the wheels? If so, someone really goofed the concentricity of the drivers. Distance of 3/8" if thats lateral wobble, that's one hell of a lot. If it's like it's turning but the track isn't, then I'd check the wheel spacing. It could also be the quartering of one or more wheelsets. Lots of things can cause wobble, some are easy to cure, some aren't.

I would expect a Hudson to track nearly straight with only barely detectable wobbling in any direction. Dockside would be an entirely different matter, they wobble like drunken sailors.


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Thanks Rich. We'll check to see whether the wobbling is synchronized with its wheel rotation, and also check the wheels for improper quartering.

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