1951 Enfield Diesel gennie set for Free!..

As it sez!..

We've got a 1951 vintage Twin horizontally opposed Enfield diesel engine coupled to a 6.25 KVA alternator which prior to the starter motor giving up worked fine, well fine for its age and did indeed generate the power!. I think it is a H02 or something similar there is a copy of the handbook on the net somewhere. Looks a bit/lot like this.

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We've decided that for the application it's needed for it would now be best to invest in a far more recent generator for the purpose required, so the Olde lady is surplus to requirements.

I wondered if anyone here might like it for use, if they can sort the generator out, or re-fettle it perhaps?.

As said its free of charge 'tho you'll have to collect it from near Cambridge. Its currently in a Wooden ally covered mobile case which we want to re-use so it will be in chassis format when removed which we'll be doing before long.

Anyone interested please mail in the first instance.


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tony sayer
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I'd love it but perhaps I'm getting too old to keep collecting stuff. If no-one else wants it on this group I could possibly pick it up. Would it fit in the back of an old Landrover and is there anything there to lift it in?

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