A day out with friends

Today (Sunday) Dan Howden, Hugh Stannard and my good self took a trip into
deepest Gloucestershire to view a very large private collection. Dan and I
have been before but this was to be a treat for Hugh.
A lot of the larger engines were run at times during the day and we were
free to wander around the collection. At one point a crowd of us gathered to
see the starting of a nice Hot Bulb Engine, the gas bottle and burner were
fetched and set up and one of the three gentlemen assembled tried to turn on
the gas but couldn't so his mate tried and even used a large pair of
Stilsons to turn the tap, comments like " it will snap off" rang from the
crowd but still they tried totally unaware that the third gent was lighting
the gas on a already turned on bottle. The other two were seen to climb down
into a big hole and pull the ladder down with them :-))
Its an excellent collection and as usual I took many pictures all of which
can be found at the My Photo's link below.
Martin P
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Hi Martin,
Hope your keeping well - That looked a Great Day out !
Regards, John
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