A Grand Day out pt 2

Dan Howden and myself left my house in Bedfordshire at 5:30 am and headed
for Internal Fire, right on the west coast of Wales, for the museum's first
open day of the year and a great time we had.
You are made to feel very welcome and nothing is to much trouble and Dan and
I will return as soon as possible.
Several of the reprobates were there including Roland, Philip, Arthur and a
recent newcomer to the newsgroup Gary Millward.
Paul the Museum is a credit to you your wife and all the helpers, If only I
lived nearer and was retired like Roland but a 500 mile round trip is touch
to much in one day :-))
On our way home we picked up a 2 in BSP tap I bought off of EBay for a fiver
and collected some lead for a job from John Manders, hope you get very much
better soon John.
Martin P
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p.s. Sixty pictures onto Webshots tomorrow hopefully and 60 mins of video.
Arthur your address please for a copy to be sent.
Martin P
Camp> Gentlemen,
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my address has gone by separate cover. Glad you made it back to the orient in one piece. It was a damn good day and the weather was very kind. Nice to see a goodly number of the great and the good on the scene :-).
Just got home, sorted out a lambing ewe and am going to bed.
Regards, Arthur G
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Arthur Griffin & Jeni Stanton
Just back ourselves. A long and extremely enjoyable day. I'd like to go to bed but must have a shower as my head is oily. Tip- a rotating Sulzer governer throws out more oil than a Petter off-load, but at least its clean :-) (Scott- Petterspots are a vile irremovable, and paint-solvent, mixture of part-burnt oil and kero produced by over-oiling an under-loaded Petter M) Zzzzzzzz Roland and Celia
orient in one piece. It was a damn good day and
the good on the scene :-).
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Roland and Celia Craven
Thanks for that Roland and Celia, I had an idea that was it but wasn't sure. Regards Scott
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Scott McAfee
It really was a joy to see the Sulzer run (3 times) and a good many people drove considerable distances to see it. A fitting reward for a great deal of hard work by Paul, Keith and Hazel. It also brought home just how complex blast-injection is, what inherent potential hazards it brings and just why the books say such engines require a full time engineer. Hardly surprising then that when mains became available its function was taken by a large rectifier!
back to housework :-( Roland
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Roland and Celia Craven
"Roland and Celia Craven wrote in message
Or four.
One on controls. Arthur on air valves. Peter on Fuel Roland as tacho and governor oil guard.
Thanks to those who travelled and glad you all enjoyed it.
-- ____________________________________
Internal Fire, Museum of Power, Wales
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Internal Fire Museum of Power is a Not-for-Profit company registered in the UK
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Paul Evans
Further to all the comments - it was well worth the 18 hour round trip to see all the engines running (the Tangye MLD7 is a tribute to some of the best of British Engineering alone), and Internal Fire is a credit to Paul, Hazel and all their helpers to show what can be acheived with effort and enthusiasm. It certainly gives me some impetus to get on with some of my projects!
Regards Dan
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Dan Howden

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