A Grand Day Out

I in the company of my good friend Dan Howden had a grand day out today, I
collected Dan from his house early this morning loaded some essentials into
my trailer and we headed up the A1 to Doncaster where we met a NG Lurker,
Scott, he took delivery of a Villiers Charging set and Distribution board I
had sold him and Dan and I then set off to Darlington to collect for Dan a
Large single cylinder Enfield Diesel and winch. We took enough Shifter kit
to move a Inline eight cylinder Allen Diesel only to find that we could
almost lift it into the trailer unaided. One small disaster occurred though,
whilst lying in the trailer doing nothing one of the caster wheels on Dans
engine hoist sheared off leaving me with a few ball bearings rolling around
in the trailer.
After loading we were shown a large engine collection buried under a tons of
lawnmowers, including Roland a flat head Petter that Dan seemed to think
would interest you.
We then turned south to visit a friend of Dans just outside Hull to collect
a load of Lister G1 spares for me that I had bought for a project. Thank you
Andy for the tea and showing us your bits and pieces.
We then headed over the Humber Bridge to end up back at Dans house where we
unloaded all of his stuff and I collected a small trailer for my Lister M
project. I then toddled off home, eleven hours in good company and a
roundtrip off 475 miles. A grand Day Out.
Martin P
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