Bit OT - P Ultra lathe for sale

I bought a very complete Pultra - or P Ultra, not sure which - lathe recently. It uses the standard 8mm collets that are the basis of most watch and clock making lathes, but is a much sturdier device altogether, the bed being cast iron with proper head and tail "feet" which are in turn bolted to a cast iron swarf tray with provision for coolant drainage.

It has an electric motor and complex pulley arrangement that are fixed to a heavy cast iron base and designed to be fixed vertically below the lathe.

There are two complete cross slides and two complete tailstocks.

There are two wooden boxes containg every possible 8mm collet, plus face plates and other bits and bobs.

I'll be photographing it later for E-bay, but before I put it up, is there anyone here that might be interested? Looking at current prices, I'm looking to haggle around £500 - or swap for an interesting engine! ;o))

Please contact me off list if interested.


Kim Siddorn.

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Pultra - Loads of info on as usual.

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