Dead Douglas

without one of these - very useful!

You got me thinking ....

I've got a spare mag with spark kicking around, make a small handle or find something, mount it ...

Is there any gearing betwix handle and mag or does it just go round at arm speed ?

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Kenneth John Russell
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It was bright this afternoon, so I thought I'd see if I could get anything out of the Douglas I bought at Enstone. It is very complete & unmolested except that the armoured leads & plugs have been civilianised..

First things first - the lack of compression. The rocker box lids are temptingly easy to get off, so I checked the valves were opening & closing and they do, as well as being nice & oily.

It has very sexy three earth electrode Bosch plugs which I carefully cleaned, gapped & checked on my hand-cranked mag. None of us should be without one of these - very useful!

Nothing at the plug lead, so off with the points. Oxidised as expected & the key was pushed in. This gave me a calm, superior feeling of confidence - HA! Cleaning, gapping and pushing out the key resulted in a spark. A whiff of gypsy's breath in the plug holes & wind the starter.

Nothing, not even a chuff.

Unsieze the petrol cap, clean out the sight glass in the fuel tap, new petrol & crank again.


Still virtually no compression, stuck rings I think, but it could be the valves holding open - I didn't think to check that.

I thought I'd try to turn it over at speed with an electric drill, but couldn't get a good purchase. Then it rained & got dark all at once.

I'm out in my suit all day tomorrow at our professional body's AGM (at the Motorcycle Museum on the M42 - so near yet so far!) so it'll be Monday before I can twiddle with it again.

More news when it happens ...........


Kim Siddorn,

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Kim Siddorn

Big Snip

Motorcycle Museum on the M42 - so near yet so far!) so

Kim, Of all people you are the one that we are not quite sure what you mean when you say "I'm out in my suit all day " !

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Dave Croft

Dave, Its actually a frightening thought to conjure up :-))

Martin P

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ones ive seen has gearing.

Martin P "Kenneth John Russell" wrote in message news:

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Suit - you know, made of cloth, often three piece generally worn with shirt & tie ;o)) The other stuff you might have seen pics of me wearing is just called "wargear".

The meeting went well & we spent a very interesting - and inter-reactive - two & a half hours being addressed by the Assistant Chief Constable of Dorsetshire on various issues to do with black powder, firearms, edged weapons and many other matters of import associated with wearing archaic clothes & owning weapons!


J. Kim Siddorn,

"campingstoveman" wrote

Dave Croft wrote

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Kim Siddorn

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