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Too big for my trailer.... :-))
Lots of puff, doubt if anyone would buy it at that price, museum or otherwise.
If there were any likely buyers, they would likely have been tapped before it went on fleabay.
I'll have a look in Stanley Hooker's book and see if there is any more info, it was during his time at BS after he left RR that the Olympus was brought to production.
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Peter A Forbes
Someone should tell Jeremy Clarkson about it! He could park it next to his Lightning jet aircraft but I don't know what his wife would say.
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I must have patted this engine which would have been built on the development line in Four Shop where I worked. I used to pat each one as it went to test, some of them to return with bent or broken shafts when the No5 bearing seized at full chat.
A very interesting three years.
Value? As Nick Highfield has so cogently said before me, rarity does not always equate with desirability.
Kim Siddorn
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