Fantasy buys.

On Ebay via the ATIS list.
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A Taylor vacuum engine with stepped piston, which runs the engine and acts as a
vacuum pump (usually for milking).
I remember reading about them in an old SEM.
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A Standard separator engine, I've always thought these look lovely. Clearly the
Stateside bidders do too.
One can dream.
Arthur G
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Arthur Griffin
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Arthur --
I follow engines on US eBay as a habit. Good source of new knowledge & often good pix, especially for items you don't often see here, such as literature. Great source of contacts.
Prices typically much higher than at a venue such as Portland or Coolspring -- classic supply & demand equation on the day.
Only problem is triggering lust to go back to US to buy, & then how to get stuff back economically. I once brought back a Gold Star engine & gearbox as handbaggage, but that doesn't work for an 8hp Stickney! Even the Goldie stuff would have been difficult if I hadn't been on the crew that time....
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Colin Osborne

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