Fingal Vintage show 06'

Hi All ,
Our 'loca'l rally took place last sunday in Lusk ,Co.Dublin ; And every
year it seems to be increasing in size .
I brought 2 engines (the fairbanks Z was due to go but it needs a new
main bearing)
Engine line up seems to get better each year , unfortunatly though no
one bother's pre-registering to be included in the programme but what
can you do . I was the only S.E exhibitor to bother :)
We also took our 3 tractors .
We had great weather until about 4.30 when the heaven's opened :) I got
drenched trying to cover the engines , but after 20 mins the 'Shower'
lol was over ,and everything/everyone was soaked .
All in all however,it was an excellent day out , and though it was'nt
lacking in stalls - it was the first show i've attended that Nothing
followed me home , except what i brought !
Picture's on :
formatting link

Picture's of the Petter have been added since it was unseized , and
picture's of the godwin pump painted are in the current projects album
John D
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On the back of the Artic Trailer is that your own tractor :-))
Martin P
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Martin ,
Unfortunatly its not mine :)) Its my young cousin's , and it was worth the mammoth effort in getting it on the trailer - The laugh people had , including ourselves :)
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