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Hello! I am a soon to be retired engineer looking for my first engine
to restore. I am in East Yorkshire and have been trying to find a
nearish auction but the best I have come up with is the Cheffins one
next August.
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david R
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Hi & welcome to this rather quiet little community.
Firstly, do you take Stationary Engine Magazine? Frankly, you would be better off looking into their class ads pages than an auction which sometimes drives prices high, plus the Buyer's Premium of 19% or so PLUS VAT! By next year, the hammer price at any auction by a professional house will add 40% or more to the hammer price.
Do you have any engineering preferences? Exposed moving parts, hit and miss ignition etc The things weigh a ton, so you need to consider your aging back and, indeed, how you are going to move the great heavy lump from place to place. Trailer or back of the car?
I am just the first, others will join in here ...... ;o))
Kim Siddorn
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Join a club, look for local bring and buy sales and as Kim said, if you don't already subscribe to SEM, do so. I wouldn't buy a first engine at auction where you only get the briefest chance to prod over it before committing, far better to be able to have a proper look and chat over the prospect with the vendor - most engine men I've met are refreshingly honest when it comes to pointing out potential problems.
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Hi, I am based in Hull, the local club is available to view here
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You can email me if you wish milestones_a(at)hotmail(dot)com (change the ( ) to @ & .)
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