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Scary!! Wouldn't like to be on the "North-South" mounted one when that toothed belt snapped!! "East-West" one looks nicer but beware raised manholes and speed bumps!! Saw one at a Classic Car show in Yorkshire with a Rover V8 mounted transverse, but they'll have to go a long way to beat the"Boss Hoss" IMHO.
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Charles Hamilton
Probably less powerful that the latest offerings from Honda!
Not aero engines, but appealing to nutcases like me:
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Strewth! How in God's name would you know if they were all running? I had a six cylinder CBX1000 & when it ran out of petrol, the first symptom was that it would go down on five. If you were cruising, it took a few moments to realise something was not quite right & another few moments to sus it out & turn it onto reserve!
Only if you were accelerating uphill when it happened were you at once aware of what was going on.
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My first question is WHY! my second is how does it go around corners and my third is it does not need a stand as the gyroscope effect will hold it up.
Martin P
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