Inquiries about Australian connections.

Hi all.I have been a lurker for many years,not doing anything anymore as I am a very old codger.A so called pioneer village in this area has been given an International 6 h.p.Model M engine and are doing a reconditioning job on it,however,it needs new valves and they asked if I could find out where they could be obtained.Some years ago I needed some parts for an old engine and uk.rec.,was able to put me in touch with a person in Australia who was able to fix me up,I'm hoping to have luck once again.Many thanks in advance,Ron Ericson.

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Ron, If you sign up to the Stationary Engine List, (SEL), and put a post on the list, there are some regular Oz contributors who may be able to help you out. If not, there are plenty in the US.

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Good luck.

Regards, Dave Carter.

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