JAP 2S Help Wanted

Could anyone help Roger with his JAP engine repair please?
I'm currently doing up a Model 2S and interested in comparing notes with
someone who has done it before.
It seems parts are difficult to locate in Australia for them. Its needed
an exhaust valve (made from a Morris 1000 valve) and also has excessive
play in the big end bearing (crank is OK). The only bearing I can locate
with close dimensions is a Villiers but it will necessitate grinding the
crank and doing something with the tang as it will not line up. The
Villiers bearing is also too wide but it can be machined down.
Would appreciate any leads in the UK if possible...
Roger Dalton
email: snipped-for-privacy@au.ibm.com
Peter & Rita Forbes
Email: snipped-for-privacy@easynet.co.uk
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Peter A Forbes
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Peter, I'm pretty sure I have the remains of a JAP 2A kicking around somewhere under the bench. I would be quite happy to donate the remains or the required parts to roger. If i remember correctly the 2a and s are very similar?? but i'm no expert. HTH Regards, Gary Millward. Shropshire, UK.
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gary millward
I believe the only difference between a 2A and a 2S is that the 2S has a larger fuel tank (oval) for extended running and the oil sump is larger.
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