Lets get back to normal

Despite everything this has developed into a classic trolling exercise.
For those unaware of what a troll is:
A troll attempts to cause arguments within a newsgroup for several
reasons not the least of which is to try to build the longest thread he
can whilst at the same time fermenting discontent.
Up to now this newsgroup has been blissfully unaware of the happenings
on usenet and has been a very friendly and helpful place.
The only way to defeat a Troll is to ignore the thread and carry on as
May I appeal to you to do just that and I will look forward to hearing
from you all in a sane and peaceful manner no matter what the subject
matter as long as it is concerned with the owning, showing, machining,
repairing, painting, running, transporting, swapping, selling, buying,
or just plain sitting and thinking about the machinery which bonds us
together as a group.
Now how much of the posting has been off topic when you really give it
some thought.
Kind Regards to you all.
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George Hendry
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Indeed! If the lurkers/runners can not or will not post or articulate their problem we would be foolish to try second-guessing it. May I respectfully suggest a few minor tweaks in pursuit of excellence: John is no troll and should not be so labelled, neither should anyone else raising a fair point for discussion, Bottom posters please please please SNIP, A little more attention to addressing any questions as posed, If the topic changes, take a few seconds to change the thread subject, thanks for listening and keep having fun
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Roland and Celia Craven
Absolutely agree Roland! I intend to cary on as before :-)
I believe that John's posting was indeed a relevant one, and in no way intended as a troll. Having cleared the air, as it were, I hope that normal (or whatever passses as normal on this NG) service will be resumed as soon as possible :-))
Philip T-E
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Philip THornton-Evison
I really don?t think it does any harm to raise a few points such as this, life would be very boring without opinions! It is easy to hide behind our keyboards and say nothing, but John made a fair comment in the correct way, he is certainly no troll and neither is anyone else on this group. At the same time, nobody was making a personal attack on anyone one of the regular OT posters, so there should be no hard feelings.
Moving back on topic? seeing as it is winter, I guess people have been busy down in the workshops? How about a bit more on what they have been up to?
Having spent a few hours putting a Petter M back together, I cant believe that I have put the piston in the wrong way round! Take note people, you never remember how the thing came apart 6 months after you did it!
Chris Bedo Kent UK
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Chris Bedo
Vertical edge to the inlet port old chap. They will start with the piston the wrong way round, but they don't half take a lot of winding. Been there done that!
Philip T-E
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Philip THornton-Evison
Rest assured I will be staying well clear of any such threads in the future. No matter how well intentioned the comments, it is just too easy for things to get out of hand and shoot off into a spiral of self-destruction.
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Nick Highfield
I put my 2ps worth on the original thread.
Back to restoration projects, I bought a little H1 pump from Arthur last year and have been restoring it over the last couple of weeks. I have just started a small account of the restoration on my website if anyone is interested, more to come as it progresses.
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Pete Aldous

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