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This morning, Sunday, my future Son in Law and I travelled north for approximately one hour to the Estate of one Mr Dan Howden esq. to view and possibly purchase one Lister "L". After tea in the house we were given a guided tour of the Estate buildings where we also exchanged conversation over the contents of said buildings. After a very extensive tour we got down to the business at hand. The engine in question sat on the estate drive with a crane at hand to load onto my trailer and after supplying the engine with fuel and causing it to fire money exchanged hands and the purchase was craned into the trailer by one of the Estate employee's. Further discussions ensued over the type of trolley to be employed at the end of which goodbye's were exchanged and we departed for the fifty minute journey home, got slightly lost going hence the extra ten minutes :-)). Now the job of restoration begins. Pictures of the engine can be found in the usual place and I shall forward these and others as the project moves forward to Peter Forbes for inclusion to the restoration site.

Martin P

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Yes, please, I will also await similar contributions from those who have expressed an interest...

We are exhibiting at Railtex04 at the NEC this week, it's free for trade visitors, and I think that goes for parking as well, so come along and have a look at some full size train sets!

(We're on Stand 652 in Hall 1)


-- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Luton, UK

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Prepair Ltd

A nice looking lump, Martin. I am in agreement about the colour, but everything seems to be there.

I'll look forward to following the restoration. I'll have a bigger Lister to accompany it before long :-)

Regards, Arthur G

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Arthur Griffin & Jeni Stanton

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