More Monkey Business

Weather cr*p but mild, hotel very good, but located off the main
centre so a taxi or bus ride to get anywhere.
The engine situation is not good, haven't seen anything worth a
picture sionce we arrived, but a series of verry large engines at the
power station down in the docks. Mostly MOD country so couldn't get a
peep at them.
Tunnel network in the Rock is much more extensive than we thought,
over 34 miles of them in total, some large enough to drive a small
truck through.
Shops mostly tourist stuff, but we found a good bookshop where we
picked up two very good references for the fortifications of the Rock.
Trafalgar Cemetery was nice (if you like graveyards....) with graves
of two the dead from the Battle of Trafalgar.
Walked miles and miles, up to the very top and along the length of the
Upper Rock, shrouded in mist a lot of the time but cool for walking.
100-ton gun was impressive, as were a lot of 19th Century artifacts
around the place.
Botanical Gardens were peaceful and interesting, a nice antedote to
the tourist nature of the place in general.
The Apes are Macaques (sp) in reality, but generally quite
entertaining and as long as you follow basic guidelines, very safe to
be around.
St Michaels cave was astonishing, and part of the 4-hour rock tour
that we paid for in our holiday package. Well worth taking, and our
guide was really excellent, full of information and little bits of
local knowledge.
Back home late tonight, we have taken about 100 pic's but not one
engine :-((
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