Monster Models & More!!!

We have overstock of the Polar Lights Monster Customizing Kits....We are selling them at rock bottom prices to make room.....(Dealers Email for special price)...These are from 1998 and getting very hard to find.....They are sealed and ready to sell......

You get both kits for $15.00 (plus Shipping)....They retail for 12.99 each!!.....Please email for more details

We have other kits as well:

Planet Of The Apes--Dinosaurs and more.....Thanks

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The Gypsy's Wagon
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How about put them up on ebay with an example pic so all can see...!!!


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Mark Stevens

I might be able to help you.

Care to send me a list, and dealers prices?

If need be, I can send you an email copy of my tax license to prove that I'm a dealer.


-------James Whitman Kitkong's Model Mansion

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