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Gentlemen, Anybody going any where interesting over Christmas break, museums or such like.

1st of January my club is holding its frozen frolics near Brill if anybody is interested. I am thinking about a visit to the Science Museum in London one day to photograph some of the engines.

Martin P

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Well, although nothing much on the I/C front, there are two events we are going to locally.

The first on Saturday 27th Dec is a steam up at Chatham Dockyard. They usually have half a dozen engines in steam both rail and road and hot food served from the club stall.

Also on the 27th (and 28th) is MLBs open day at Preston in Canterbury Kent. I always enjoy Michael's events simply because he has so much interesting old iron. Not sure of the format this year, but he usually has an engine in steam or three and his collection of un-restored engine on display. He has without doubt some of the most interesting steam engines in the country with dozens of portable engines, steam wagons, 2 showman's engines, and several traction/road locos. He also has stationary steam engines including the working partner of the B&WLRS beam engine. Most are for sale if you have deep pockets!


Chris Bedo Kent UK

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Chris Bedo

Not exactly "stationary" but New Years Day VSCC meet at the Verzons Hotel between Hereford and Ledbury normally blows the cobwebs away. Even more so if you get a lift in an open vintage car. It's also free which makes it attractive to my wallet.


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