USS Choctaw. Any Interest?

Friends, I have just completed research and gathered plans and photos for the USS Choctaw. Since this is going to be such a big model (about 17" long), I would like some indication how much interest there is in this kit. It will be 1/192 scale and highly detailed. It is a behemouth ironclad paddlewheel ram bristling with guns, masts, turrets, and rigging and will probably be in the $200.00 price range. IMHO, it is the most intimidating looking of all the ironclads. I have found a photo on the web of an RC model of the Choctaw to give you an idea what this ship looks like. This is NOT the Flagship Models model itself although it's pretty close to accurate (the stern and area between the paddlewheels is wrong) and lacking in PE details. I plan to make it a two piece hull (Upper and Lower), with an extensive photo etch sheet for this model. If there is sufficent interest I want to begin contruction on the masters ASAP. Input is encouraged.

Here's a URL so you can see this awesome warship. Rusty White Flagship Models Inc.

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not to rain on your parade, but it looks like a lash-up to me. like someone modded a tramp sidewheeler freighter and made a warship. was it purpose built from keel up? was it one of farragut's boats? who designed? it's impressive for size but not really intimidatimg. it looks like an interim design. a kit would fly with civil war builders, they would pay that money. for me, no propellors or swastikas, so i would pass. wish you the best if you produce it. also, more ship oriented groups would get better qualified responses. hth.

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heres one to check out too

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