MBB Lampyridae one more time

Earlier this month there was an interesting thread about the Lampyridea. It
took me some time to locate my research material, hence this delayed
I too have collected material about this aircraft for years. My interest was
awakened last year when I heard that two scale prototypes have turned up, at
the Berlin-Gatow Luftwaffe Museum and the F-104 Museum in Niederalteich. I
found one rather obscure source of information, that contained two interesting
drawings. The source is 'RCS Determination for DLR Stealth Design F7',
published in 'Non-Cooperative Air Target Identification Using Radar, Meeting
Proceedings', NATO RTO (formerly AGARD I believe). Compared to the Flug Revue
and Jane's drawings, it has three extra facets on each side of the rear

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The paper is listed here on the CV-page of one of the authors:

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If you search for 'DLR F7' you will find the following pages:

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(nice photo of an RCS model)
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(this German-language page
refers to the F7 and refined F10 configuration)
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(Google found reference to
the F7 design in this PDF, which you can only be downloaded by subscribers or
by paying for it.)

So much for my findings!

My models:
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Me 163B site:
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Rob de Bie
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Thanks for the info on the MBB Lampyridae.
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