Slightly OT Sachs diesel Howard Gem help requested.

Can anyone help us- we are trying to get a Howard Gem rotovator running. It
has a Sachs two stroke diesel engine, presumably of 600cc capacity. We put
in the lit starter fuse and crank and crank but the bugger will not go. Has
anyone got any tips?
Does anyone know what the knob located behind the throttle linkage is for?
I'm under the impression its involved in stopping the engine when required
but I have no idea what position it should be in. It was in but when I
pulled it out it stayed partially out and now doesn't seem to want to go all
the way back in.
Ideally I would like to get a service manual, anyone know where I can source
one or get a photocopy? Any online resources out there? I've googled with
little result.
Any help would be very gratefully received.
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This will be no consolation or help but - I had a Gem with a Sachs diesel and never could could get the damned thing to fire let alone start. Interestingly whenever I have seen a Gem with a Sachs for sale its never made much money - coincidence??
That said I did actually see one in use years ago by a contractor and it seemed to quite a powerful unit well matched to the Gems weight and mechanical abilities.
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