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Sodbury this Saturday - who's going?
I'll be there, but restricted on what I can squeeze into the BMW's boot, the
Volvo being hors du combat
Kim Siddorn.
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Kim Siddorn
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Saving our dollars for Tulare the following weekend :-))
Have yet to get to Sodbury at the new location, the last one we went to was at Jim Wilkie's place, "The Old Mud Bath"!
Hope the Volvo wasn't the victim of a frenzied Viking attack?
Peter -- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Luton, UK
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Prepair Ltd
Blimey Kim
Is this the same Volvo which was being repaired when I last spoke to you at the Wessex Club New Years Day crank up... what is being done to it! I'll be at the Sortout bright and early on Saturday morning. See you all there, I'll be wearing the usual camo. jacket and bush hat.
Philip T-E
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"Kim Siddorn" wrote
Probably, though recent aquisition of S-T and Maytag has left the toys account looking a little thin :-(
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Nick H

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