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When I took my T300 marine engine walkies to the Wessex SEC Annual Rally on
Sunday last, it got all bothered & stopped on me. It then started again but
stopped in that rather final, sulky way so well known to those of us that
take up the care of Iron Charges. "I'm not going to run again until you have
paid attention and looked at me properly."
So today I took the carb off (it had dripped occasionally) and found
nothing. The float wasn't sunk, the needle valve shut off the flow of petrol
that itself was stopped & goed by the tap in proper fashion. All the jets
were clear.
Out with the plugs. No-one could call the spark startling, but it was
present. Cleaning the points made no difference & a good light across them
showed they were as clean as points could very well be. The plugs are dry,
though & I thought it was running rich - certainly, it sounded like that,
misfiring at low RPM. I peered into the plug'oles to see the combustion
space - and discover long reach plug threads filled with long years of
carbon. Had short reach plugs in it when I got it & I never thought anything
about it.
I've got a plug tap somewhere, but could I find it? Naaa. The old trick of
two saw cuts along the thread of a scrap plug did the trick & a pair of
extended nose NGK's carry the dim spark out into the combustion chamber
where it does the most good.
Choke, tickle, wind - BRRRM! How satisfying. Now it runs cleanly instead of
going down on one at tick over as it always has done. Starts when hot & revs
better. Another problem solved - back on the shelf with it!
J. Kim Siddorn,
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Kim Siddorn
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Very interesting and useful Kim, I wonder how many Norman owners will be looking in their plug'oles tonight, like I will?
Regards, Arthur G
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Arthur G
looking in their plug'oles tonight, like I
Well, I suppose you can't go wrong if you've got 18mm plugs. I wonder how many Norman owners will ever fit the heads on the CORRECT way round :-o
Philip T-E
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Mine are the right way round. I did wonder if having them the other way around was a clever way to plugs clean when idling, by running them hotter. It would keep them out of the direct stream of cooling air.
Regards, Arthur G
looking in their plug'oles tonight, like I
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Arthur G
I did the same thing after I rebuilt the BSA C10 engine on my Larmarcar.I pulled and pulled on the start lever and it would not even fire.After checking everything twice I retired indoors not a happy person. A couple of hours later I was reading a book on the C10 I had borrowed, came to the section on spark plug "long reach"!!. I had fitted an L10 short reach. So out to garage found an old N8 screwed it in close choke, ignition on,pulled start lever and it burst into life. The plug was missing when I bought the car and I just assumed it would be a short reach. Mike.H.
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