Which oil ?

I have just bought a Petter A series 11. After a bit of tweaking it runs OK but the oil looks rather dirty so an oilchange would probable be a good idea. The manual says "Petter engine oil" - very helpfull.

What is the correct oil, I am tempted to throw in some Halfords (Duckhams replacement) 20/5 because I have some for the bike, but this is probably wrong .......

Also the governor spring has seen better days, where can I get a replacement ?.

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Chris Newport
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Personally I'm not too fussy about the oil I use in four-strokes and would certainly use the 20/50 you have to hand (I use the really cheap stuff from Wilkinsons). Others say that engines originally designed to run with 'straight' oils should not be fed modern types as the detergent additives tend to hold in suspension and re-circulate grot which would otherwise sink to the bottom of the sump out of harms way.

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Nick H

I agree Nick's word of caution. If you put in a modern oil and it loosens grunge hiding in odd corners, you are going to have a load of problems. In the days when I repped for bearing remetalling, I had several customers who found out the hard (& expensive) way. Phil

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