3-link and bogies

Hi all,
I'm in the process of building a few kit wagons (and enjoying it - or is
that the glue?).
The one I'm doing right now is has double bogies, and I'm not sure what
couplings to use. i've used 3-links on the rest so far, and plan to use
3-links on this one, but given the short wheel base of the bogies on
this wagon, I can't see them working at all on any form of curve without
pulling the buffer beams apart.
Anyone have any suggestions, or should I resign myself to using standard
tension lock couplings on this?
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Ian Cornish
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Most people i know, including myself will use shorter buffers if you do experience buffer lock. Shorter buffers look miles better than the hook and bar!
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"Piemanlarger" wrote
A larger diameter buffer head will also often pay dividends. Generally speaking the buffer heads on models are often size, and correcting that is a first step.
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John Turner

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