Bachmann 08 - Coupling Rods.

Dear all

This is a question about the past.

When the Bachmann 08 was first released there was an issue with the coupling rods being on the wrong way round. At teh time a fix was posted in various places (including here I seem to remember).

Question: Can anyone remember how to do it?

I have just looked at mine and realised that I never got round to doing it...



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Elliott Cowton
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On 16/01/2007 14:33, Elliott Cowton said,

No, but have you considered the Brassmasters scale connecting rods? These give a much finer appearance.

Have a butchers at

formatting link

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Paul Boyd

Plus Ultrascale wheels, that's another £20 on top of that :o)


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"Paul Boyd" wrote

Why waste time with the Bachmann 08 at all? For very little extra outlay the latest Hornby model of the 350hp diesel shunter has beautiful detail and its coupling rods are delightfully fine.

OK, so the OP already has a Bachmann 08 and the Brassmasters rods are superb, I'll give you that.


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John Turner

On 16/01/2007 19:10, kim said,

And the rest - it's £30 plus an excruciatingly long lead time! But you don't have to use Ultrascale wheels, although I did.

The crankpins are a push-fit into the outside crank, leaving a plain hole. With a little ingenuity, it should be possible to use Alan Gibson's crankpins with these cranks, and then you can use the Brassmasters rods.

...and I guess I've just answered Elliott's original question - the crankpins are push-fit, so pull them out, switch your rods and push them back!

And yes, John, I wish the Hornby 08 came out first! Oh well, that's life :-)

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Paul Boyd

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