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I have just bought 45114 from my local shop and comparing it with an old mainline I find that there are only two sandboxes per bogie. When checking on the web this is correct from the pictures I have seen of

45114 and other 451's. However early 45's (green) had 4 sandboxes per bogies so is D67 incorrect in having only one sandbox.

Other observations:

Why is the NEM coupler pocket at a non-standard height? I had to combine a Kadee with a standard Bachmann coupler to get the Kadee coupler height right.

Why doesn't it pick up on all the big wheels (driven wheels on the real thing)? Not a big problem once I got all the pickups working properly.

Not as powerful as a Heljan 47 up my 1/33 gradient.

Overall a much better model than the old Mainline 45 I have.


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The nose is still too short though.....


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Robert Flint

The new Graham Farish model looks more like a 45 than its bigger brother. I'd like someone from Bachmann to explain that?


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Modelzone are advertised a retooled 46 to be available later this year so it'll be interesting to see what corrections it incorporates.

Mike Parkes snipped-for-privacy@mphgate.removetoreply

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Mike Parkes

It's at my standard height so I was happy, and it matches their coaches and wagons. Couplers at H0 height on 00 models look wrong to me.

Doesn't need to, 8 pickups are enough.

Not even as powerful as a Bachmann 24 on my hill. Main reason being that there are 4 undriven but sprung axles carrying some of the weight that should be on driven axles. Try it with the undriven axles temporarily removed.

Better in the bodywork certainly, but the bogie springs and axleboxes have less relief, I prefer the earlier ones. Keith

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Keith Norgrove

If you notice the plug in tension hook coupler it has a step down from the pocket to achieve the correct height for tension hook coupler height. Must be a good reason why they went to all the trouble of making a special plug in coupler just for the peaks and maybe the 40 as well.


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