China Clay Article.

Maybe I can jog someone's memory.
In the Constructor in the early 1980s, there was a series of articles
on the construction of the "Bodmin" S4 layout which ran for a year or
three. In the early articles, there was discussion about the goods
traffic in the station. Reference was made to the china clay
traffic, and that there would be a separate article on that traffic to
Well, I searched through all the remaining copies of the Constructor
and couldn't find the article. Did it ever appear, and in what
magazine? I have a faint memory of seeing such an article, but I've
no idea where.
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Jim Guthrie
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It wasn't in Model Railway Journal was it, a lot of the S4/P4 migrated to that magazine regardless of the demise of MRC ?
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Reference was made to the china clay
Index of MRJ on line here,
Iain Rice has certainly written about China Clay so it could be in the Rail Model Digest or one of his books. Keith
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Keith Norgrove
Another comprehensive book on the subject is:
'An Illustrated History of West Country China Clay Trains'. John Vaughan, OPC..... ISBN 0-86093-543-4 First published 1987, Second edition 1999.
Cheers Robt P.
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A search of my on-line database for 'china' reveals 9 related articles, I suggest you try for yourself for the article you need
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Brian Schofield
Related point, does anyone know if the end-door clay wagons were used for inland flows. I always thought they were just used for feeding the local ports but someone has suggested otherwise.
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