FGW Scalextric train

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Can we start one of those "if it's only one vehicle is it technically a train?" discussions? Apart from that I'd file it under "quirky but charming". Some GWR fans will love it; others will splutter into their soup.
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Sam Wilson
Of course it's a train. A train is any vehicle or combination of vehicles that has authority to run on the mainline. A helper engine returning to base is a train (for example). So's a single unit railcar (for example). Authority is granted by timetable and/or signals and/or running order (train order). Nothing "technical" about this, it's universal.
So there! ;-)
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Wolf K
Universal - right. Some people might look at the OED[1] and see the words "series" and "connected" and think they don't apply in this case. :-)
Sam (not stirring it at all, honest)
[1] "A series of connected railway carriages or wagons moved by a locomotive or by integral motors"
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Sam Wilson
Brunel will be turning in his grave , it was bad enough when the 7ft and a bit gauge was abolished but that "model" has taken the insult too far.
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