Help with small passenger train

I'm looking for a small passenger train to complement a new trainset
that already has a class 37 in EWS livery. The timeframe is present.
Something like a small "sprinter" type train rather than a HST train
What train classes (or Hornby model numbers) should I be searching for?
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David Mahon
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Hornby produce a class 156 in a variety of liveries, but Bachmann better serves the modern modeller, with a 158, 159 and a 170 Turbostar in its range - again all in a selection of liveries, depending on your chosen location.
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John Ruddy
"John Ruddy" wrote
Not at the moment they don't, but they do produce a class 155 which originates from Dapol, and which has a notoriously poor motor bogie.
They have inherited tooling from Lima for the class 156, but these are unlikely to appear for several months yet.
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John Turner

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